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Cherrilyn Tyler -Textile Artist and Embroiderer

Contact cherrilyn@cherrilyn.com      +44116 2206143  76, Garland, Rothley, Leicestershire LE7 7RG

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It’s Pants’, a humorous talk about historical underwear, and the influence it has had on my work.

‘In Bed with Worn Surfaces’, a romp through my  life of  embroidery.

‘How fashion has influenced my work’, the twists and turns in my  work that were influenced sub-consciously by fashion.


Image Transfer

A workshop using a variety of methods to transfer printed images to fabric.

Drawing using the sewing machine for the less than confident artist

A workshop that uses photographs  to produce  stitched images that can be of any subject matter. Some free machine embroidery skills are necessary.

Hand Stitched Memories

A workshop that hand stitches vintage fabrics together with the additions of personal memorabilia.

Working with soluble fabric and silk fibres

A workshop that combines delicate surfaces with free machine embroidery.

Workshops can be arranged to suit the group